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Social Media has spent a decade cementing itself as the forefront of communication, marketing and becoming the primary source for news, stories and other forms of content for internet users. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have remained relevant with constant updates to their software that are applicable to a forever evolving technological era that is constantly growing and producing new applications de4signed to compete in delivering news in a time-consuming manner.

Here are five tips to help you magnify your online presence and emulate the social media moves of successful users while hoisting yourself above your competition

1. Consistency is crucial

Consistency is an efficient way to build followers and sustain their interest through regular posting. Remaining persistent with periodic content updates also shows your followers that you are passionate about the points you are making and highlighting through your content, creating a sense of thought leadership and attracting engagement from your efforts. One way to remain consistent is to plan the topics you are covering a few days in advance, planning any further may disrupt your schedule if something news worthy in your sector begins trending in headlines and you must report it for your users. Another way of remaining consistent is by creating time efficient content. This could mean finding the perfect length of video content that does not take strenuous effort to record and edit, or a word count on blog posts that isn’t time demanding, and most importantly is sustainable daily.

Audience Band Blur 5183892. Get to know your audience

Knowing who your content is reaching is pivotal in social media success, because the people who are watching, listening to or reading your content, are the people who are growing and expanding your social media presence, so finding out who your targeted audience is will allow you to continue creating content that appeals to them and will further the engagement between your business’ social media and it’s followers.

There are numerous ways to find statistics and demographic information regarding your followers. One way of doing this is by conducting surveys and polls for users to take in which they will answer these questions for you. This is perhaps the best way to collect data as it involves users willingly giving you all the information you require, but also involves a lot of engagement, furthering your online reach in the process.

Other ways to gather data can come from methods such as using Instagram statistics to tell you where your followers are from, how old they are, their genders and also the times in which they visit your page the most, all of which can be of essential value when brainstorming for content ideas.

Bracelets Dawn Dusk 4005373. Show Gratitude to Other Companies

This may seem like a step backwards but showing appreciation to other companies does not necessarily mean you are giving them free promotion and an edge over you, as a matter of fact, it takes a lot of belief in your abilities and talents to be able to give compliments and credit where it’s due to opposing business in your work sector. Business owners are people too, and everybody likes to be reminded that their challenging work is valued, from the inside of the business out. Showing gratitude to other companies does not necessarily mean writing an essay on how much you admire them, but a simple photo comment on Instagram, a retweet or a Facebook page like, shows that you appreciate and respect people in your division, and this will not go unnoticed on social media.

Abstract Abstract Expressionism Abstract Painting 13243544. Make your content burst with Originality

The Next Web found that over 3 Billion people use social media, which is a staggering fact considering that the earths entire population is set to be around 7.5 Billion, meaning that almost half of the entire world’s population is using some form of social media. Taking this factor into account, it is important to acknowledge that there are any competitors out there, and many ideas which have already been used before, so it is important to find inspiration and use creativity to attract followers through original and captivating content. This could mean using books or other older forms of content as an insight and adding a modern and individualised twist to transform them digitally, or simply seeking inspiration from diverse sources and using an innovative mindset to create authentic and engaging content for your targeted audience.

Applications Apps Blur 5334465. Diversity is a determining factor

Diversity is crucial when establishing a successful social media presence. This could mean using different platforms, such as Holonis, Snaspchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Reddit as well a smore popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It could also mean eliminating the fear of diverse content and experimenting with different types of output. You can try things such as video content, audio content such as releasing audiobooks and podcasts, written content such as blogs and e-books, or other more complex ideas such as interviewing people who are popular in your sector and editing educational and entertaining footage for your followers.

Above all the points mentioned however, you must be passionate about what you do, and incorporate all of the points with your end goal while engaging online! Happy growing!


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Dean Lynn

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