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EyebrowQueen has taken the industry by storm. Created by Nilam Holmes, who started the eyebrow revolution in 2008, EyebrowQueen is a brand on the lips of professional beauticians and makeup artists as well as the public.

We soon established a great synergy with the innovative and passionate team at EyebrowQueen, as we too consider ourselves passionate and innovative. The results speak for themselves, in just eight months

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increase in website impressions


increase in click-through rate


increase in conversion rate


The Problem

EyebrowQueen had spent a small fortune on a website that wasn’t performing and instead, was preventing the business from achieving the online growth that had been anticipated. It was clear that in its current state, the website wasn’t going to provide a return on the investment.

  • The User Experience was poor. Slow site speed and a clunky user journey were causing brand mistrust and turning potential customers off.
  • Conversion rates were low. The website was not effective when it came to influencing customers to make a purchase.
  • The product pages were not optimised. They were not doing EyebrowQueen’s range any justice. As high-quality, industry-leading products – they needed to be showcased in all their glory, and the current site was letting them down.

Things needed to change, and we set to work.

Our Services

  • Complete redesign of the Website design and development
  • Integration with booking solution
  • Website hosting & management
  • Business email solution
  • Customer journey experience improvements
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Business and marketing consulting
  • Holistic reporting on performance (reporting on all data across all channels). This provided in-depth business data and helped shape new treatments and services

Our Client


“With over 30 years in the aesthetics & beauty industry, I have worked on creating brow looks and trends for an ever-growing base of A-list celebrity clients.

I’ve seen how eyebrows are the frame of the face; they have the power to transform your appearance, face shape and self-belief. This is why I wanted anyone to be able to achieve professional-looking brows from home.

Each of my innovative and easy-to-use EyebrowQueen products have been designed to give you back not only your brows, but your time and confidence too.”

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Nilam Holmes
Nilam Holmes2


We always take a consultative approach to understand the overall business objectives of our clients. In doing so we can make sure our objectives are directly contributing to business success, while also using marketing data to inform potential new markets.

In this case, our findings from EyebrowQueen’s audiences search habits told us they were searching for a product that wasn’t yet available in the range. So EyebrowQueen created it and the results were incredible.

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The website underwent a complete overhaul with a complete redesign and redevelopment. The new website reflected the brands modern, understated but luxurious image that appealed to its audience, while its functionality offered a slick, quick and logical user journey – building trust.

The checkout process was far too long, using our extensive knowledge of e-commerce design and development, we made sure the process was shortened, only gathering key information to prevent carts being abandoned.

The transformation of the checkout process and introduction of a number of payment methods including PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay meant that EyebrowQueen’s products were more accessible. This allowed for impulse purchases that are synonymous with mobile traffic and paid social media advertising – a strategy implemented by Trusted Media that provided a significant return.

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Email marketing plays a crucial role in building loyal brand advocates and generating sales. With this in mind, we knew that we had to introduce email to EyebrowQueen’s marketing strategy, and we were right – in a short time the number of subscribers quickly increased by 457%.

To make sure that the brand was visible in the search engine results pages, we worked to improve the SEO of the website. On-page SEO included the introduction of high quality, highly relevant blog content, data-informed metadata that was aligned with user searches were created, and website images were optimised with alt tags.

Off-page came in the form of digital PR, building brand awareness and the website’s authority through high-quality backlinks and referrals from established online platforms.

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