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All businesses require an online presence which strongly represents their brand, product or service, so is it important to design and develop a website which is not only user friendly, but also acts like a shop window for your business and captivates the user from the very beginning of their viewing experience. There are a few key factors to consider when examining your current web page or developing a new website.

Design is Dominant

Studies have shown that 94% of negative feedback regarding websites was related to the design of websites, because users tend to want a welcoming and embracing page with updated fonts, images and a website that is easy to navigate with straightforward forms to fill to book or enquire about a service or purchase a product. Removing things such as ad’s, unnecessary pop up’s and other additional clutter is pivotal in creating an affable environment for people using your website. We assisted Neoscapes with the re-branding of their web page, which can be found here.

Navigation is essential in ranking highly with users, especially if you have multiple pages for the user to look through. It is important to highlight the different pages and how to reach them, in a simple yet instinctual way.

Quality branding will exceedingly help you because it is individualised to you, so an attractive and engaging logo will draw people to your business and gain you exposure online.

Visuals and content are important, and figuring out how much to upload even more so, because too much content and imagery can create confusion and frustration for the user as it will result in an information overload. Having enough images and written content to convey your message is enough and having the ability to neatly and professionally blend it into your design is the best way to maintain a captivating design.

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Mobile is Momentous

In an era that revolves around hand-held devices and screens filled with information, businesses must acknowledge that the world is moving at a tremendous pace and technology as well as the internet are fast progressing, meaning that more people are now browsing websites through mobile phones and tablets.

Over 85% of adults believe that mobile sites should be just as good to view or better than desktop websites. Google have also begun to use mobile first indexing, meaning that they would be indexing pages based on their mobile versions rather than desktop versions. This intends to remove websites which are designed solely for desktop use from their rankings, which means your business could be affected if your website is not optimised for mobile use.

When designing a website, you must take this into consideration and create a page that is responsive to mobile users and produce a page with booking forms and purchase pages which are easily accessible through mobile phones, as this will not only lead to more traffic, but also positive feedback on users experience with your website.

Speed is Supreme

It takes users approximately 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) to form an opinion on a website, meaning that an efficient looking and performing website could be the difference between getting custom or being overlooked, and it must be displayed right away in order for your targeted audience to engage with you. Studies also suggest that it takes 2.6 seconds for user’s eyes to land on the part of the website which most impacts them from a first impression, which again highlights the importance of creating an embracing and welcoming home page with a first impression that draws customers in and lead them to a user-friendly experience when using your page.

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Partnerships Are Predominant

According to studies 88% of people claimed they would not return to a website after an unpleasant experience, meaning that second chances are slim, and first impressions are paramount, so to create relationships with repeat customers; having a solid website to represent your company ethos is highly significant. Most businesses rely on repeat custom, so designing an amiable page is critical in creating a correlation which leads to repeat sales, website visits and even referrals.

A website that’s easy to navigate around and easy to use will leave users with a feeling of comfort in the knowledge that they can return to your website and have a user-friendly experience. This is great for your business and your customers, as they will be more enticed to use your page to order or enquire more than usual and have no need to go elsewhere for their needs.

Is your website optimised and user friendly or is it time to get out with the old and in with the new? Book a Trusted Tuition session and find out!


Dean Lynn

Dean is the Founder of Trusted Media and has over fifteen years experience of commercial business marketing. If you ever meet Dean, you'll quickly realise how honest and straight to the point he is; something his clients love about his marketing approach. When Dean's not at Trusted Media providing marketing consultancy to clients, he can be found at home with his daughter, who loves creating (breaking) things. Dean never sits still, enjoys eating food (part-time #instafoodie), and finds his happy place in the kitchen baking or in the garden.

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