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Luxury Branding
& Website Agency

Luxury Branding
& Website Agency

At Trusted Media, we help brands create a luxury online presence that enables them to stand out from the crowd and have a high-end feel, even in the online world.

As a luxury branding and website agency, we specialise in enhancing a brands market appeal by creating iconic branding, stunning luxury websites, and high-quality luxury focussed content.

With experience in supporting luxury holiday destinations, to luxury retail brands, we bring a wealth of knowledge to your project to enable you to become established and captivate your audience.


We help to grow your revenue in the luxury market, no matter where your product or service currently sits.
Our approach at Trusted Media doesn’t mean you just get a luxury logo to add to your branding profile; as a results-driven agency, we work to your business goals to ensure the website we build and the brand presence we create drives your business growth and provides you with real results.

Together, we work with you to understand your brand and your audience so that we can build a luxury website and online profile that drives your business forward. At Trusted Media, we use our commercial knowledge and marketing skills such as SEO, PPC, organic and paid social, and website content to drive some of the world’s most established luxury brands. View our full portfolio of the international luxury brands we’ve worked with to achieve results.

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Luxury Brand Creation
and Development

At Trusted Media, our branding team works to develop and create brands that evoke a luxury, high-end feeling. Due to the luxury brands we’ve worked with, you may already be familiar with some of our luxury brand work without even realising it.

Our branding team are specialists in the luxury market, as they help you define and evoke the emotions your customers desire. After all, it’s not the product or service your customers are buying, but what that luxury brand represents.

Just think about some of the most luxury brands that are successful in the world today; to the purchaser these brands mean something, it shows who they are, how they live, and what they hope to achieve in their life. Is your brand ready to become a luxury statement?
At Trusted Media, our team will help to create a complete brand profile. From your logo, website, to social profiles, every touchpoint will evoke a sense of luxury.

Cherish Wedding Homepage
Venue Page

Luxury Web Design
& Development

A luxury website doesn’t have to just look good; it needs to feel good to the user who is navigating around the website. A luxury website needs to be an experience.

High-end luxury users are not just looking to buy a product or book a service; they want to experience what it feels like to engage with your brand. To do this in a digital way is essential when you can’t be there to physically show them your product or service. Taking your luxury brand online needs specialism.

At Trusted Media, we’ve worked with many international luxury brands to provide them with web design and development that truly represents their brand.

We help your users feel the experience of your luxury brand without leaving their homes.

Through our web design and development service, we help you create a bespoke, luxury website that not only represents your brand but provides your customers with a unique digital experience. Do you want your website to be a luxury destination?

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At Trusted Media, we work with international luxury brands to create eCommerce websites that enable them to drive sales and enhance revenue.

While there are many luxury brands in the world, few are successful at driving online sales through their eCommerce websites. This is something we have come to learn very quickly from our experience working with luxury brands.

However, when you work with us at Trusted Media, our goal is to make your eCommerce website your biggest sales generator.
Unlike many luxury eCommerce websites, we don’t sacrifice design over functionality. Instead, we provide both luxury design and feel for your customers and a shopping experience that is effortless.

We build luxury eCommerce websites that make your customers come back time and time again.

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Digital Marketing
for Luxury Brands

With over 15 years in digital marketing, we are proud to work with some of the most established and award-winning luxury brands.

The digital marketing we provide for luxury brands enables them to continue to build their reputation and further establish themselves in new markets. For example, we’ve helped UK based luxury brands dominate new international markets.

As with all of our work at Trusted Media, our digital marketing is results-driven, which means we work with you to achieve your business goals through marketing methods. Our approach helps you achieve a real return on your marketing and see growth.
Through our experience we are knowledgable of the luxury market, and how it differs from the general consumer market, meaning we truly know how and what needs to be done in order to accelerate a luxury brand through digital marketing.

Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential in order for your luxury brand to be found in Google and other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo. We utilise SEO as a key tool to help new and existing customers discover your luxury brand online.

When internet users are searching for luxury products or services related to your brand, we use SEO to ensure that your brand is visible and attracts the right audience to your website.

SEO can often be under-used by many luxury brands, as they are reliant on traditional luxury advertising which can often be expensive for very little return. However, SEO is a long-term strategy that keeps your brand visible in the online world and brings in new customers who are looking for your luxury product or service.

At Trusted Media, our SEO specialists have supported luxury brands to grow their online presence, attracting new visitors to their website, and accelerating online sales.

Content Marketing
& Digital PR

As a luxury brand, you need to be seen in all the right places and offer the best insight into your product or service. Those who buy from you need to see that you are the brand to be following.

To help your luxury brand build its online reputation, we provide content marketing and digital PR.

Through content marketing, we create written luxury content and visual assets that help to put your message across to your customers—giving them unique and bespoke content that is relevant to your brand and your product or service. In many instances, this may be the reason your customers continue come back to buy from you, because you give them more than just a product or service, but knowledge and insight. From the best places to eat, to the biggest luxury trends. What can you give more to your luxury customers that will help them live a luxury lifestyle?

Alongside content marketing, we also support luxury brands with digital PR.

Unlike traditional PR where the investment is high, and you can’t guarantee a return, digital PR not only provides a return, but you can track your digital PR features and see how they’ve impacted your sales or site visitors.

In real-time from our client dashboard, you can see how our digital PR efforts are impacting your website and what new visitors are coming from your features.

Social Media Marketing
& Management

As a luxury brand, your social media marketing needs to appeal to your high-end luxury customers who want to see more than just your product or service. Luxury buyers want to follow aspirational social media posts that help inspire their luxury lifestyle.

The content, messaging, and imagery that you put out on your social media profiles are linked with your brand reputation and the experience your luxury brand provides.

At Trusted Media, we have a team of social media specialists who work across a multitude of platforms and have the knowledge and insight to help you maintain and grow your social presence organically.

We believe your social media accounts should be an extension of your brand, and represent what you offer, who you are as a brand, and what you believe in.

Our team will also help you identify which platforms you should be utilising, as not all social media platforms may be relevant to your luxury focussed audience. We get to know your product and your audience so that we can place you on the best platforms for social media success.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are still one of the most successful ways to nurture people towards a sale or an action, and this includes luxury products or services.

At Trusted Media, we can help you enhance your email marketing and create bespoke campaigns for your audience that drive sales.

As well as designing your email campaign, we also help you to generate the message and content within the email campaign to ensure it reaches the desired level of results.

Email marketing can help your luxury brand increase return sales, and continue to stay connected with existing customers who are brand loyal.

We also follow strict GDPR guidelines for all our email marketing, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your email campaigns are GDPR approved.

See how we
did this for …


Bolin webb


Increase In
E-commerce Sales

Next / The Good Stuff

Bolin Webb is a high-end luxury razor brand well-known for their innovation and design. We worked with Bolin Webb to build a new eCommerce website and to increase their online brand presence. The results have been phenomenal for Bolin Webb and we continue to work with them on Paid Ads and regular marketing consultancy to help grow their business. 

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The Good Stuff


Customers on launch day

Next / Rydal Communications

The Good Stuff is a healthy-eating take-away in Peterborough City Centre. Trusted Media helped to create the brand of 'The Good Stuff' and launch the new store to the local community. We continue to work with The Good Stuff providing social support, and regular marketing consultancy to help Ash develop and grow his business to its next stage.

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Rydal Communications


Increase in organic visibility

Next / Neoscapes Maldives

We provided Rydal Communications with a new website that had a professional texture, and matched their work ethos. Due to the new website and SEO support we were able to propel Rydal’s online presence, something which we achieved quicker than expected. With ongoing consultancy support from Trusted Media, Rydal have also been able to expand their service offering, and build brand awareness with PR and content campaigns. 

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Increase in online bookings

Next / Cherished Wedding Venues

Nescapes is a luxury travel consultancy in the Maldives, working closely with over forty resorts on the island, they provide an enjoyable experience for people who have a small or large budget, meaning that they can accommodate travellers with any amount to spend from luxury excursions to more reasonably priced expeditions.

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Bespoke venues listings website

Next / Honey pot Furniture

Cherished is wedding venues website. Together we created a strong brand that sits inline with a traditional wedding brand, but also looks unique and modern. As this is a new venture, Trusted Media also launched the website using Facebook Advertising.  

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Honey Pot Furniture

1 Million+

Revenue generated via Facebook Ads


Honey Pot Furniture is a retail furniture brand. We helped Honey Pot Launch a new eCommerce website for their consumer audience, improving functionality, and user experience. To appeal to their target audience, we also worked on updating their brand. Honey Pot Furniture has an impressive showroom, so we wanted to create this same feel on their website.

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Textbook Teacher


Clicks from Organic search in 4 months


We have worked with Textbook Teachers to design and develop a website that represents their new brand.We have helped Textbook Teachers increase their organic visibility by 3,467%, resulting in over 140+ page one listings in the first six weeks.

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Increase in inbound leads


Taylormade Management offer cost management services to all different types of customer base from hotels, clubs pubs and restaurants to football stadiums, racecourses and festivals. We helped Taylormade design and establish a new brand, design and develop a new website.

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