Email marketing enables you to connect with your audience at the click of a button and that is what makes it such a useful tool. It remains one of the most effective forms of digital marketing that is currently used because you can reach out in just a matter of seconds. However, it is not just about how quickly you can hit your target market with an email because it is all about the results and how they can have a real impact on your business.

We care about the way we deliver our service. For you, this means that we simply take care of you and your needs. We do not hang you out to dry by handing you all that you need and leaving you to run with it. That is not what we do. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to communicate with your audience in a way that gets results and helps your business to grow and we promise that we are always here for you.

Our team of skilled experts can create emails that make an impact. Your audience will want to read them; in fact, they will need to read them because they will be aware of how important the content is to them. We can create an email strategy for your brand that interacts with your audience in a way that works alongside your objectives as a business and we do this in a number of ways.

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Capturing data that matters

Crucial data underpins any strong email marketing campaign because that is what helps it to become a success. The data includes relevant information such as the addresses of people who want to know about your services or products. To gather this information, we use various methods to create and build a contact list that targets the right people. For you, this means that your emails will be read and will encourage your audience to engage with you.

The right design and content

Of course, a solid email marketing campaign also relies on great content and a smart design. The content has to be engaging in a way that intrigues and makes the reader want to find out more while the right layout, structure and design makes it easier to digest. To achieve this, everything that is sent to your audience requires planning and forward thinking so that it consists of quality in every possible way. Therefore, the content and design need to work together so that it draws the reader in and results in them responding to your call to action. Our team of designers and content writers ensure that the content and design is consistent with your brand and your message.

We cover all bases

We do not just create one email marketing strategy and hope that it works. We look at the best subject lines and even look at what call to action has the biggest effect on your audience. One type of campaign is too much of a risk and so, we create several campaigns so we are always ahead of the game, ensuring that your brand reaches your audience and always gets results.

Reports speak volumes

Reports paint a clear picture and show us whether your marketing campaign is working or not. Therefore, we appreciate the importance of analysis and understanding what makes your marketing campaigns work and what requires changing make it work. Our thorough reports will guarantee that we continue to get the right results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Services

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Convert More Strategy
  • A/B Testing
  • Focus Group Testing
  • Technical Auditing
  • User-Centred Design
  • Customer Research

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