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Branding Creation
& Development

Brand Identity Design & Development For Businesses

Our team have in-depth experience in building a brand from scratch. From concept to final assets. let us help bring your brand to life.

Whether your looking for A new logo, brand refresh. brand guidelines, or a full brand strategy we have got you covered.


Nilam Holmes, World-renowned beauty expert and ‘Eyebrowqueen’

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Branding Creation
& Development

Brand Identity Design
& Development For Businesses


Does your brand need a new look? 

Branding Creation and Development is a vital part of the service we provide at Trusted Media, and we believe that our clients should feel the benefits of having a brand identity that is individually designed to suit their business, allowing their business to have a real impact on customers and the way in which they perceive the company.

Ditch the old, embrace the new!

Running with an outdated brand is no longer enough because in a crowded and competitive market, it is pivotal to stand out using a branding strategy which is customised to your business.

We believe that to achieve this, you will require professional and responsible brand creation management that incorporates designs that are unique and created by our brand designers. The aim is to create designs that are engaging to generate an impact that has a positive effect on your products and services.

We’ll give you a brand with impact.

If you are looking for a brand creation agency that is creative, forward thinking and reliable, then we are your first choice. Our skilled team of specialists are experienced in working with a wide range of companies as well as recognised businesses, giving Trusted Media the ability and knowledge to deliver branding at the highest standards and elevate your business.


We firmly believe in genuine purpose and value behind brand creation, therefore we strive to create an identity for your business from the moment we begin working on your project. We thoroughly research your company and clients to plan effectively and efficiently enabling us to achieve the desired results. This means that our strategy is based completely around your business rather than a generic protocol. We look at your brand solely and individually, working as a team to amplify your brand and intensify your business.

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Creating a brand is about telling the story of your business and conveying your journey and goals to potential customers. We can help you define who you are and what you represent in the eyes of the client. Once we complete the necessary preparation work, we can use the information gathered to begin work. Our team of brand creation specialists will give your business an identity that ensures the value of your brand is being shown, and heavily increases the chances of your business being noticed.

This can increase sales, boost subscriptions and magnify enquiries. Whatever your goals may be, we will give you the brand exposure needed to achieve it. Brand creation is all about developing something that is fresh, memorable and honest. More importantly, however, we can ensure that we create a plan which is not only unique to your business, but one that customers can relate to. This will lead to further leads and engagement, and establish a more intimate relationship with your customers.

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We will facilitate a ideation/creative session and plan in fine detail what works best for your business, and create a tailor-made project that will expand your brand. This is the reason our services are exclusive, and we hold a reputation that proves we are true to our word alongside numerous testimonial from overly satisfied and long-term clients; who have propelled above their competition in a unique and distinct manner. To achieve this, we consider a wide range of factors such as colour palettes, strap-lines and even the tone. We then combine these together to create brand guidelines for your business. This can then be used for your logo, website and even your emails. You brand must identify who you are and the clearer that is, the better it will work for you. Help us make an impression on your target audience and watch as your results improve.

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Branding is
what we do

When it comes to branding, it is in our blood. Every aspect of our service revolves around you and your brand. We take care of everything from ideas, to design, business development and creation. We ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on your business from the moment you get in touch with us. Our ability to help you send out the right message in a powerful way will mean that you forge a relationship with your clients that will last a long time. Our team is dedicated to you and your brand meaning that we only ever strive for perfection, settling for nothing less.

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We firmly believe in genuine purpose and value behind brand creation, therefore we strive to create an identity for your business from the moment we begin working on your project.

What is branding?

Branding is all about creating a strong and positive perception of your brand. Branding is the process of promoting your product or services using your icon (logo) in distinctive & appealing ways.

Branding aims at embodying your logo, products, or services in your target audience’s mind. Branding also differentiates your products, logo, and services from others and build your brand identity.

Why is branding

Branding is important to create awareness regarding your products or services and make a memorable impression on your target audience. If you want your target consumers to have a certain level of expectations from your brand, then it is important to do branding.

Branding is important to acquire consumers easily, motivate your employees, and represent your promise to your target consumers.

What is brand

Brand identity is a collection of certain attributes that are related to your brand. All the attributes that are related to a brand collectively portray the brand’s expression of itself to its target consumers.

Brand identity is a collection of a brand’s values, mission statement, vision, and what it promises to deliver. Visible elements like logo, colour scheme, and design of your brand can be called as your brand identity.

How to create
a brand identity?

Creating a brand identity is part of your branding process. Your branding efforts should not only focus on creating brand awareness, but also incorporate messages that your promises, mission, and clear purpose behind your brand. Moreover, pick a tagline and name that goes along perfectly with each other and design a relevant logo with the right typography.

What is a brand

A brand strategy generally refers to the long-term plan for achieving your desired goals.Your brand strategy reflects what you’re striving to achieve & deliver, what does your brand promise to its consumers, and the personality you convey. Your brand strategy indicates a position by taking which your brand becomes successful.

How to launch
a new brand?

Launching a new brand is not as straightforward as it might sound. However, a few steps take part in launching a new brand are as follows:

  • Identify and analyse your target consumers
  • Choose a business name and establish your core message
  • Wisely choose a colour palette for your brand
  • Build a competent content strategy
  • Build, analyse, and improve your brand strategy

See how we
did this for …




EyebrowQueen has taken the industry by storm. Created by Nilam Holmes, who started the eyebrow revolution in 2008, EyebrowQueen is a brand on the lips of professional beauticians and makeup artists as well as the public.

We soon established a great synergy with the innovative and passionate team at EyebrowQueen, as we too consider ourselves passionate and innovative. The results speak for themselves, in just eight months

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Celebrity-endorsed aesthetic treatment, Collagenwave, has a growing base of A-list fans but wanted to improve its brand awareness and search visibility among a broader online audience. With non-surgical beauty treatments becoming more and more popular, it was vital that Collagenwave improved its visibility and positioned itself as a true industry leader.

When the team at Collagenwave came to us, they had a basic website with limited functionality that didn’t represent a true reflection of the high-end brand

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Nilam Holmes


Beauty industry icon Nilam Holmes has a number of luxury, high-end beauty brands under her belt, but was looking for a professional website to further establish her personal brand away from these businesses.

This website would be a platform for Nilam to showcase her knowledge and experience in the beauty and skincare industry, alongside her products, services and businesses.

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The 80’s and 90’s cricket show


Popular sporting podcast, the ’80s and 90’s cricket show was looking to create a compelling brand that encompassed the retro age their podcast focusses on, as well as develop a website to act as a central hub for fans and followers.

This website was a brand new venture for the podcast, who previously just relied on their show to be their only platform

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Kerry Ellis


Award-winning leading lady Kerry Ellis has taken the stages of West End and Broadway by storm, starring in productions such as We Will Rock You, Wicked, Oliver and Les Miserables.

While Kerry had been busy releasing a solo album and touring with Brian May across the world, her website was not providing the same success. Basic and lacking in design that genuinely reflected Kerry’s brand, it was also difficult to manage, making it challenging to update information about events and releases.

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Prestigious beauty destination, Dermaspa had a well-established website that multiple providers were managing – always a challenge for busy business owners. The website was functional but was lacking when it came to providing an enhanced user experience that Dermaspa’s audience expected, and that truly reflected the luxury brand.

Our unrivalled skill and experience, and proven track record for designing and developing high-performing e-commerce website led to incredible results for this client.

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Open Wilding Project


Playing a crucial role in the preservation of wildlife and the future of conservation, the Open Wilding Project approached Trusted Media because the basic website they were using was limiting the visibility of the Open Wilding Project, and ultimately – their funding.

The project and its important cause soon grabbed our attention, and we knew that we could put our e-commerce design, development and marketing skills experience to use, improving the representation of the brand and improve the performance of the website.

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