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At Trusted Media, we are fully aware that when potential customers begin to search for your business, you want to make sure that your brand and business is primarily placed in front of them rapidly and immediately.

Local SEO Peterborough Agency

However, search results are not solely about searching for websites, but are also linked to the location of your business as well as any answers search engines require. Therefore, your site must be set up in a manner which provides relevant information that delivers results. We have the skills to catapult your business to the forefront of any search engine using the expertise and precision of our experienced team, ensuring that you are primed on every relevant search list.

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SEO and
Organic Search

If you want to engage with your customers and appear in search engines in a collaborative way, your site is required to become a part of organic rankings. To achieve this, we can help you combine an understanding of your audience and an understanding of the technical requirements to help achieve the required results. Through obtaining organic rankings, your site will remain visible and that will enhance the awareness of your brand as well as improve the trust that people have in your business, products or service.

The way in which people search for the information they need is changing and we have acknowledged this. In fact, search engines are also changing and this means you must adapt and evolve with them through a greater understanding and innovative thinking.

Through our service, we will ensure that your SEO strategy can adapt to the ever-changing trends which means that it will remain on point and relevant. For your business, this means that long-term growth will be improved and your customer base will grow alongside loyalty. Therefore, we introduce a holistic approach to the way in which we manage SEO. Our expertise and knowledge ensures that our clients which includes your site, will rank both locally and globally. This includes ranking for brand and non-brand searches across a wide range of devices. Trusted Media delivers results that work for your business, providing an individual and entrusted service with long term benefits and a heavy digital statement.

SEO with a

Our belief is that the very foundations of organic growth begins with technical SEO. You need to keep your visitors and customers engaged through fast loading speeds and a captivating site that works on a wide range of devices. All of this requires a website that is well-structured and designed to enhance goal completion which includes logging in right through to checking out, including conversion rate optimisation and everything in between. We can handle the technical side of your site allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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website in Google & Bing

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Liberty Mind Case Study

Our service is based around creating a holistic and organic
search service that includes the use of PPC for optimising
keywords to identify those search terms that lead to a
conversion. Therefore, we believe in creating great content that
carries the accurate tone and has the precise outreach through
incorporating other areas of our service. We set out to achieve
your goals.

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Optimisation of on-page content

We understand the importance of creating content that moulds around the most common and useful search terms for your business. This is achieved through using product descriptions that are informative and promotional terms that are linked to your business and correctly to search engines. The blog topics are informative and designed around queries relating to your user ensuring that you have the answers they want. Internal linking can enhance relevancy which can then influence search discovery.

Optimising Off-page results

Page rankings can also be improved by the right off-page optimisation. Links to your site that are high quality will result in the right signals being sent to search engines and this can place your site in front of your targeted audience. This involves us building strong and sustainable relationships with sites that can help your audience improve their trust in your business. That will help rankings improve substantially and send traffic in the direction of your website.

Using social media effectively

At Trusted Media, we are aware of the pivotal role that social media plays when it comes to successful digital PR. Because of this, we develop social media campaigns solely designed to target your core audience through solid engagement in a way that will create a buzz that is big enough to place your brand and business at the heart of online conversations. These conversations are crucial to your brand and its success, so using the right tone, we ensure to incorporate other relevant marketing methods. This creates an experience of your brand that is consistent and your business remains relevant online.

Through the correct content marketing strategy and digital PR, we can put your brand out there to get people talking and engaging with you. This will help to deliver your message in a way that is guaranteed to get results.


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in 4 months

Textbook Teachers Case Study

FAQs Percent

Search Engine
Optimisation FAQS

At Trusted Media, we are fully aware that when potential customers begin to search for your business, you want to make sure that your brand and business is primarily placed in front of them rapidly and immediately.

What is Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process/system of driving more traffic to your site through organic search results. Search engine optimisation practices improve the visibility of your site and its ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) of a search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation is a part of digital marketing. A few of the tactics involved in SEO are optimising your content & website with your focused keywords and designing a responsive website.

What is a Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Users trust search engines and respect their rankings. SEO improves your site’s ranking and helps it appear in the top results. That means, having a presence in top search results increases user’s trust in your site.

SEO is very important to rank higher in the search results for your target keywords and attract the majority of your target audience to your site.

What is Local

Local SEO is also known as Local search engine marketing. Local SEO is a way to promote your local business on the internet. It helps to increase your visibility in local search results. Let’s say you’re running a locksmith business in Manchester and want to promote your business in your area.

Performing Local SEO would improve your visibility when people would search for locksmiths in Manchester.

What is National

National SEO improves your ranking in a specific country. Like local SEO, National SEO focuses on a wide range of keywords but targets the audience across the country. National SEO aims at competing with local businesses all over the country.

National SEO is only essential if your products/services appeal to a national audience and you can deliver your products/services across the country. National SEO requires keyword research with a larger competition base.

What is International

International SEO is a marketing strategy to rank in multiple countries or multiple languages or both. International SEO enables the search engine ranking algorithms to identify your target country and rank your web pages in those countries.

International SEO requires you to choose the most suitable domain name for your marketing campaign to target multiple countries across the globe.

How long does
Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO) take?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that demands patience. The process speed depends on your goals and budget, however, it takes 4 to 6 months to start reaping the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation. The overall SEO process takes time and you need to proceed step-by-step without missing any essential step. However, it is certainly worth the wait.

What is on-page

On-page SEO is one of the pillars of SEO. It requires you to optimise your web pages to get organic traffic. On-page SEO involves optimising your content with your focused keywords and HTML source code as well. It also includes optimising title tag, headers, content body, meta description, and images. For better results, ensure publishing high-quality, valuable, and relevant content for your target audience.

Why is Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Users trust search engines and respect their rankings. SEO improves your site’s ranking and helps it appear in the top results. That means, having a presence in top search results increases user’s trust in your site.

SEO is very important to rank higher in the search results for your target keywords and attract the majority of your target audience to your site.

What is off-page

Every SEO strategy that is applied outside your website comes under off-page SEO. Off-page SEO activities are also performed to increase the visibility and ranking of your website. Some examples of off-page SEO are influencer outreach, guest posting, and content marketing.

Other off-page activities like brand mention, external link building, and social media marketing are also an integral part of off-page SEO.

What is Keyword

Keyword research is the base of any SEO strategy. SEO professionals perform keyword research to find such phrases, words, or sentences that people used to search for a particular thing on search engines.

Most popular terms are used in the SEO strategy to become part of a broader competition. The selected keywords are used in content to get targeted traffic to your site.

See how we
did this for …


Bolin webb


Increase In
E-commerce Sales

Next / The Good Stuff

Bolin Webb is a high-end luxury razor brand well-known for their innovation and design. We worked with Bolin Webb to build a new eCommerce website and to increase their online brand presence. The results have been phenomenal for Bolin Webb and we continue to work with them on Paid Ads and regular marketing consultancy to help grow their business. 

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The Good Stuff


Customers on launch day

Next / Rydal Communications

The Good Stuff is a healthy-eating take-away in Peterborough City Centre. Trusted Media helped to create the brand of 'The Good Stuff' and launch the new store to the local community. We continue to work with The Good Stuff providing social support, and regular marketing consultancy to help Ash develop and grow his business to its next stage.

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Rydal Communications


Increase in organic visibility

Next / Neoscapes Maldives

We provided Rydal Communications with a new website that had a professional texture, and matched their work ethos. Due to the new website and SEO support we were able to propel Rydal’s online presence, something which we achieved quicker than expected. With ongoing consultancy support from Trusted Media, Rydal have also been able to expand their service offering, and build brand awareness with PR and content campaigns. 

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Increase in online bookings

Next / Cherished Wedding Venues

Nescapes is a luxury travel consultancy in the Maldives, working closely with over forty resorts on the island, they provide an enjoyable experience for people who have a small or large budget, meaning that they can accommodate travellers with any amount to spend from luxury excursions to more reasonably priced expeditions.

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Bespoke venues listings website

Next / Honey pot Furniture

Cherished is wedding venues website. Together we created a strong brand that sits inline with a traditional wedding brand, but also looks unique and modern. As this is a new venture, Trusted Media also launched the website using Facebook Advertising.  

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Honey Pot Furniture

1 Million+

Revenue generated via Facebook Ads


Honey Pot Furniture is a retail furniture brand. We helped Honey Pot Launch a new eCommerce website for their consumer audience, improving functionality, and user experience. To appeal to their target audience, we also worked on updating their brand. Honey Pot Furniture has an impressive showroom, so we wanted to create this same feel on their website.

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Textbook Teacher


Clicks from Organic search in 4 months


We have worked with Textbook Teachers to design and develop a website that represents their new brand.We have helped Textbook Teachers increase their organic visibility by 3,467%, resulting in over 140+ page one listings in the first six weeks.

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Increase in inbound leads


Taylormade Management offer cost management services to all different types of customer base from hotels, clubs pubs and restaurants to football stadiums, racecourses and festivals. We helped Taylormade design and establish a new brand, design and develop a new website.

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