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Content Marketing
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Digital Content Marketing and PR Agency

Our content marketing services are moulded around the idea of providing new and existing customers with content that engages inspires, intrigues and entertains.

This means, we will provide your business with a way of creating awareness of your brand, helping your audience understand how they can relate to it.

As well as this, it will help increase visitor numbers, capture crucial data and help to drive sales for your business.

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We understand that content marketing can be carried out in numerous ways. You can target customers through engaging stories, video and blog content and by providing them with alluring stories that can enhance their lives and draw them towards your business.

We love the challenge that comes alongside working with diverse types of businesses because the individuality of each business means we must adapt and continually improve to successfully develop and design captivating content marketing strategies for your business.

This strategy will be created with your target audience underpinning its structure and ultimately its success. The campaigns we create are designed to be features in publications, websites, news sites as well as blogs.

We will target the correct avenues which your potential customers are attracted to and this will result in an astronomical growth in numbers as our strategy results in your business being featured in the right places.

This will then lead to an increase in click-through’s taking them direct to your landing pages.

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What can we do for you?

Our team of content marketing specialists are here to align themselves with your business and your needs. The team consists of individuals who are professionals in public relations, editors, social media experts and bloggers. This provides us with a wide and varied amount of knowledge and expertise that can be called upon throughout your campaign to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, we are on-hand from the moment you get in touch with us, through to the planning stage as well as measurement and analysis stages.

Our clients benefit from our exceptional levels of experience but we have formed relationships with media platforms that have grown over many years.

What this means for you is that we are capable of delivering results from producing content that simply works.

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SEO and CRO –
Getting the
best results

As part of our content marketing service, we use our experience and expertise to fully utilise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). We do all we can to capitalise on opportunities available to us, such as intelligent linking which involves attaining links on a wide range of media platforms as well as popular blogs to really propel your search engine performance to the next level.

Therefore, we ensure that all content has a call-to-action that works, which in turn will help to improve conversion as well as targeted leads which filter through sales.

Trusted Media uses all of this to create a platform and a base for a revamped return of investment which is what every business needs and wants to see.

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and engaging
positively with

If our media relations were not already strong and developed enough, then our established and forever growing relationship with influencers helps to bolster relations with your audience through the incorporation of social media, forums and many other thriving platforms.

We create healthy relationships with influencers so that we can build an influential image of what they wish to share and how they can discuss your brand in a positive and effective light.

All of this plays in to growing your business through successful links with your customers and audience.

Digital PR

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Our digital PR services are extraordinary. Although the basic strategy functions in a similar way to traditional PR, consisting of things such as relationship building, creative thinking and communication; what makes us different is the fact that we target the correct people in an appropriate manner.

This method means we grasp their attention, which helps us keep them informed with what you do, how you do it, and how this could benefit them and their business.

Trusted Media only create campaigns which are tailored to your business, and reach your targeted audience in an efficient way. We have numerous tactics and skilled methods at our disposal which include social media campaigns, blogger relationships, viral videos and forum use. These methods are extremely practical in connecting your brand and business with your desired audience.

This coincides smoothly with our content marketing strategy and provides us with an increased level of coverage using authoritative sites to improve SEO performance.

Everything we do is created to work simply for you, because we believe that a composed strategy by us, creates exposure and a growth in revenue for you.

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Using social

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At Trusted Media, we are aware of the pivotal role that social media plays when it comes to successful digital PR. Because of this, we develop social media campaigns solely designed to target your core audience through solid engagement in a way that will create a buzz that is big enough to place your brand and business at the heart of online conversations. These conversations are crucial to your brand and its success, so using the right tone, we ensure to incorporate other relevant marketing methods. This creates an experience of your brand that is consistent and your business remains relevant online.

Through the correct content marketing strategy and digital PR, we can put your brand out there to get people talking and engaging with you. This will help to deliver your message in a way that is guaranteed to get results.

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Content Marketing

Our content marketing services are moulded around the idea of providing new and existing customers with content that engages inspires, intrigues and entertains.

What is content

Content marketing is a type of marketing where content is created and shared online. The content could be in the form of a video, audio, infographics, digital art, social media post, blog post, and written articles. The purpose behind content marketing is not to promote a brand, but it aims at developing interest regarding the product or services of the brand.

Why is content
marketing Important?

Informative, compelling, and interesting content, coupled with a strategy, proves to be very successful and helps to get desired outcomes. Content marketing helps to build trust, improve conversion rate, and generate leads.

Strong content marketing is very important when it comes to building your reputation as a credible & authentic brand or organisation in the industry. In the present world, users expect nothing less than high-quality & credible content.

What is a content
marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a set of guidelines helpful for planning, creation, and distribution of content. A content marketing strategy ensures that you produce valuable, high-quality, and relevant content for the right audience.

It includes your set of goals, target audience, KPIs, list of most-suitable content publishing channels, content types, and a content calendar as well.

What is a
content calendar?

Content calendar, which is also known as ‘editorial calendar’ is a schedule used by marketers or bloggers. A content calendar is a written schedule of what you or your organisation will post, where it will be posted, and when it will be posted. It also includes collaboration or partnership schedule and content update schedule. You can easily create a content calendar on a spreadsheet or using an app.

Why is content
marketing important
for SEO?

SEO and content marketing go together. Content marketing is essential to meet the requirements of SEO. SEO efforts are less effective without content marketing. In fact, both need each other and overlap at a certain point where one contributes to the other one to make a strong impact as a whole.

The only way to get desired outcomes from keywords is to use them in a content marketing strategy.

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Digital PR

Our digital PR services are extraordinary. Although the basic strategy functions in a similar way to traditional PR, consisting of things such as relationship building, creative thinking and communication.

What is digital PR?

PR refers to ‘Public Relations’. Digital PR is an internet marketing strategy that marketers used to build their online presence and communicate with consumers. There are a number of ways used in digital PR, which incorporate blogging, online press releases, newsletters, and promotional emails. In digital PR practices, the focus is to identify the target audience and eventually convert them to leads.

Why is digital PR

Digital PR is important to track the popularity of any brand or organisation. It gives great insights into a larger portion of your target audience. Furthermore, digital PR enables the organisations to keep their name in the forefront of their target audience’s mind. Organisations need to work on digital PR if they seek an enhanced reputation and strong brand identity.

What is a digital
PR strategy?

A digital PR strategy is a process to build a strong online presence and reputation among a target audience. A digital PR strategy provides planning, execution, research needed to build strong public relations.

In short, a digital PR strategy is a detailed roadmap to define your goals, its implementation, and the evaluation of results.

What is the difference
between traditional PR
and digital PR?

A few years back, there was nothing like traditional and digital PR. It was only ‘PR’. Now, both terms exist because of the evolution of the internet world. Traditional PR focuses on traditional communication channels like TV, radio, press, magazines, and newspapers. While, digital PR deals with all kinds of online channels like websites, social media platforms, bloggers, influencers, and digital press.

What is content/PR

PR outreach is pitching your ideas, products, or services to powerful people like bloggers, journalists, and influencers with potential followers. First, you need to identify personalities who represent your niche or have an audience who could be your potential consumers. Brand story, identifying your audience, valuable &right content and media connections are the requirements of PR outreach.

See how we
did this for …


Bolin webb


Increase In
E-commerce Sales

Next / The Good Stuff

Bolin Webb is a high-end luxury razor brand well-known for their innovation and design. We worked with Bolin Webb to build a new eCommerce website and to increase their online brand presence. The results have been phenomenal for Bolin Webb and we continue to work with them on Paid Ads and regular marketing consultancy to help grow their business. 

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The Good Stuff


Customers on launch day

Next / Rydal Communications

The Good Stuff is a healthy-eating take-away in Peterborough City Centre. Trusted Media helped to create the brand of 'The Good Stuff' and launch the new store to the local community. We continue to work with The Good Stuff providing social support, and regular marketing consultancy to help Ash develop and grow his business to its next stage.

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Rydal Communications


Increase in organic visibility

Next / Neoscapes Maldives

We provided Rydal Communications with a new website that had a professional texture, and matched their work ethos. Due to the new website and SEO support we were able to propel Rydal’s online presence, something which we achieved quicker than expected. With ongoing consultancy support from Trusted Media, Rydal have also been able to expand their service offering, and build brand awareness with PR and content campaigns. 

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Increase in online bookings

Next / Cherished Wedding Venues

Nescapes is a luxury travel consultancy in the Maldives, working closely with over forty resorts on the island, they provide an enjoyable experience for people who have a small or large budget, meaning that they can accommodate travellers with any amount to spend from luxury excursions to more reasonably priced expeditions.

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Bespoke venues listings website

Next / Honey pot Furniture

Cherished is wedding venues website. Together we created a strong brand that sits inline with a traditional wedding brand, but also looks unique and modern. As this is a new venture, Trusted Media also launched the website using Facebook Advertising.  

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Honey Pot Furniture

1 Million+

Revenue generated via Facebook Ads


Honey Pot Furniture is a retail furniture brand. We helped Honey Pot Launch a new eCommerce website for their consumer audience, improving functionality, and user experience. To appeal to their target audience, we also worked on updating their brand. Honey Pot Furniture has an impressive showroom, so we wanted to create this same feel on their website.

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Textbook Teacher


Clicks from Organic search in 4 months


We have worked with Textbook Teachers to design and develop a website that represents their new brand.We have helped Textbook Teachers increase their organic visibility by 3,467%, resulting in over 140+ page one listings in the first six weeks.

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Increase in inbound leads


Taylormade Management offer cost management services to all different types of customer base from hotels, clubs pubs and restaurants to football stadiums, racecourses and festivals. We helped Taylormade design and establish a new brand, design and develop a new website.

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