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Audits and analysis

Audits & analysis for Businesses

At Trusted Media, we utilise audits and in-depth analysis to help you get a clear picture of how your marketing is currently performing. After all, you may have an existing strategy in place and wish to know the results it’s truly bringing in. 

We have a range of audits we can conduct on your behalf. The simple fact is, what do you want to know more about? 

We conduct website audits which help you understand how your website is performing in terms of ranks, and how users are navigating the website. This can really help you to understand how people are finding your website, how visitors are moving on your website, and which pages are of most interest to users. 

To help you understand more about SEO (search engine optimisation), we also conduct SEO audits that can help identify any areas that are negatively affecting your chances of being in top search positions. An SEO audit can help when you’re trying to increase your visitors organically. 

If you’re spending a high amount on PPC advertising, a PPC audit can be of great use in helping you to understand if your current PPC strategy is performing and the areas that you may see the best return. When PPC can be incredibly costly, this audit has helped many of our customers control cost and see a better return on investment.

Social media audits are becoming a need-to-have for many consumer brands, especially when understanding the type of content that engages with your customer. The social media audits we conduct help you to get the full picture on how your social accounts are performing, the content that is most successful, and most importantly if your social media is converting.

For businesses who have an existing marketing strategy in play, we also conduct a marketing strategy audit that assesses how well your strategy is performing, and if there are any gaps that could be deterring the success of your campaign.

Understanding where you sit amongst your competitors is key. Even more so when your business sits within a highly competitive industry, by conducting a competitor audit, we can help you see what your competitors are working on, and how you compare.

No matter the audit or analysis you need, our team at Trusted Media can help you navigate your industry and enable you to enhance your existing marketing strategy. 

You know what they say, there’s no progress without a plan and no plan without a good strategy.


Audits and analysis play an integral role in gaining the insight and information you need to create a data-led marketing strategy. At Trusted Media, we’ve seen too many marketing strategies based on guess-work and assumptions, when they should be led by insight and hard data. By using our audits and analysis services you will get a clear picture of how your website and marketing efforts are performing. From here you will immediately see where your strongest and weakest areas sit.


We can conduct an in-depth audit of your existing website to understand how users currently interact with your website, and where there may be issues. A thorough website audit such as this can help to identify areas of your website that may be letting you down, or where users are struggling to navigate. Even the most well-designed websites can have minor issues when it comes to user-functionality.


By undertaking an SEO audit we can find the areas of your website that are underperforming. The SEO audit enables us to improve these crucial areas and improve your search visibility. We’ve supported many clients in gaining strong ranks through an initial SEO audit.


If your business sits within a competitive market it’s essential to understand where your position is against your competitors.
A competitor analysis can give you the information you need on key competitors, and what you need to do in order to grow your position in the market.

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Bolin webb


Increase In
E-commerce Sales

Next / The Good Stuff

Bolin Webb is a high-end luxury razor brand well-known for their innovation and design. We worked with Bolin Webb to build a new eCommerce website and to increase their online brand presence. The results have been phenomenal for Bolin Webb and we continue to work with them on Paid Ads and regular marketing consultancy to help grow their business. 

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The Good Stuff


Customers on launch day

Next / Rydal Communications

The Good Stuff is a healthy-eating take-away in Peterborough City Centre. Trusted Media helped to create the brand of 'The Good Stuff' and launch the new store to the local community. We continue to work with The Good Stuff providing social support, and regular marketing consultancy to help Ash develop and grow his business to its next stage.

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Rydal Communications


Increase in organic visibility

Next / Neoscapes Maldives

We provided Rydal Communications with a new website that had a professional texture, and matched their work ethos. Due to the new website and SEO support we were able to propel Rydal’s online presence, something which we achieved quicker than expected. With ongoing consultancy support from Trusted Media, Rydal have also been able to expand their service offering, and build brand awareness with PR and content campaigns. 

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Increase in online bookings

Next / Cherished Wedding Venues

Nescapes is a luxury travel consultancy in the Maldives, working closely with over forty resorts on the island, they provide an enjoyable experience for people who have a small or large budget, meaning that they can accommodate travellers with any amount to spend from luxury excursions to more reasonably priced expeditions.

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Bespoke venues listings website

Next / Honey pot Furniture

Cherished is wedding venues website. Together we created a strong brand that sits inline with a traditional wedding brand, but also looks unique and modern. As this is a new venture, Trusted Media also launched the website using Facebook Advertising.  

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Honey Pot Furniture

1 Million+

Revenue generated via Facebook Ads


Honey Pot Furniture is a retail furniture brand. We helped Honey Pot Launch a new eCommerce website for their consumer audience, improving functionality, and user experience. To appeal to their target audience, we also worked on updating their brand. Honey Pot Furniture has an impressive showroom, so we wanted to create this same feel on their website.

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Textbook Teacher


Clicks from Organic search in 4 months


We have worked with Textbook Teachers to design and develop a website that represents their new brand.We have helped Textbook Teachers increase their organic visibility by 3,467%, resulting in over 140+ page one listings in the first six weeks.

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Increase in inbound leads


Taylormade Management offer cost management services to all different types of customer base from hotels, clubs pubs and restaurants to football stadiums, racecourses and festivals. We helped Taylormade design and establish a new brand, design and develop a new website.

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