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Whether you’ve just opened your business, or in need of a new, more modern eCommerce website, our team can help you launch an eCommerce website that helps drive your business growth.

We have helped thousands of online eCommerce shops to provide better customer experiences, accelerate their online sales, deliver creative social ad campaigns that get amazing ROAS!


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Increase In
E-Commerce Sales

At Trusted Media, we build eCommerce websites for those who are new to the online world or need a new look for their current eCommerce website.

Whether you’ve just opened your business, or in need of a new, more modern eCommerce website, our team can help you launch an eCommerce website that helps drive your business growth.

When it comes to the eCommerce websites we build and develop, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as we believe in building bespoke websites that fit your business goals and suit your audience’s needs.
The outcome we look to achieve for your business is a seamless eCommerce website that represents your brand and increases your online sales.

As a results-driven marketing and web design agency, we have built eCommerce websites for large online retailers, and small online retailers who started from the kitchen table.

You will see from our portfolio, we have also supported clients who are based in a range of markets and sectors; from those who sell products B2B, to high-end luxury products. Our eCommerce websites have helped businesses accelerate their online sales.

With over 15 years in building eCommerce websites, we have experience in using all eCommerce platforms, including Magento and Woocommerce.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce website that is easy to manage but looks professional, we can help you.


UX / UI - User Experience

We create websites that work for the users, which means our eCommerce websites make it even easier to buy online.
As a business, user experience is essential if you want to make it easy for your customers to purchase a product, and keep them coming back.

At Trusted Media, we spend time understanding the way your customers buy and what they need, so we can create a navigation system that helps them to find and buy your product quicker and easier.

Our eCommerce websites also take into account the device your customers use to purchase your products. Therefore, all of our eCommerce websites are responsive and mobile-friendly so your customers can purchase your products from any device.

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Increase Customer Conversions

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Our insight into user experience and design enables us to build you an eCommerce website that creates results and drives your business success.

As design and user-experience is a crucial focus on all the eCommerce websites we build, we have a proven track record of increasing customer conversions.

If your website is currently getting a high volume of visitors, but few sales, this could be down to several impacting factors, including site speed, layout and functionality. At Trusted Media, we look at your existing website and understand where customers are dropping off, and what’s making them leave before purchasing.

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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

You may already have an eCommerce website, but how well is it performing for you?

At Trusted Media, we consistently look at how you can enhance your eCommerce website to increase your sales.

For example, we look at how we can optimise the checkout process; helping your customers make a purchase quicker and easier, and decreasing abandoned carts.

We also get to understand your products and identify ways in which we can upsell or cross-sell products to increase the basket value.

Your eCommerce website should be your biggest revenue generator. Through our experience and insight, we can help you achieve this, and establish an eCommerce website that increases sales.

SEO Optimised

Every eCommerce website we build at Trusted Media is SEO optimised to ensure your products can be found organically within the SEO ranks.

We also optimise each product on your eCommerce website to ensure that your products are found for specific search queries.

As we have a team of experienced SEO specialists at Trusted Media, when your new eCommerce website is launched, it will be fully ready to be found by the search results, and ready for those all-important sales.

SEO is a vital aspect of any eCommerce website and at Trusted Media SEO, is built into every new website we build.

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Shopping Feed Creation
& Integration

To increase your online sales and the visibility of your products, we can utilise shopping feeds such as Facebook and Instagram Ads and Google Ads.

By adopting shopping feed integration, you can target more of your ideal customers, and enhance the reach of your new eCommerce website.

You may have already noticed these shopping feeds in your own social profiles or when shopping for specific products on Google, as they have proven success of sales by targetting specific audiences.

If you’re looking to target consumer based audiences, then our team can support you in adding shopping feed integration to your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Reporting
& Analytics

Tracking your sales and your visitors is vital to understanding the success of your eCommerce website, which is why at Trusted Media we provide all of our clients with our Trusted Dashboard, which provides real-time results and reports.

Using our Trusted Dashboard, you can view your eCommerce analytics, see how many sales you have, and see where your traffic is coming from. Plus there are many more options such as being able to see the results of your email campaigns and your social media profiles.

Having insight and data about your eCommerce website will enable you to instantly view the performance of your website, and keep track of information about online sales.

The more knowledge and insight you have around your sales and website performance, the more you can improve your marketing and user-experience.

eCommerce Support / Management

At Trusted Media, the eCommerce websites we build also come with support and management, so you’re not left out in the cold once your website is live and out in the world.

We understand that sometimes you need to change things, or you need advice, which is where our eCommerce support and management comes into play. Rather than worry about your website, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have an experienced and friendly team keeping it alive and well.

Whether you’re running a large eCommerce website or a small eCommerce website, our tech support and management is there to help you maintain your online presence and keep the sales coming in.

eCommerce Hosting

At Trusted Media, we take great pride in offering our own hosting service for all eCommerce websites.

Our server is based here in the UK and is secure and safe for all eCommerce transactions.

As privacy and data is a legal requirement under GDPR, our hosting provides you with the peace of mind that your customers’ data is secure and protected.

Our eCommerce hosting is competitively priced, so whether you’re a large eCommerce website or a small eCommerce website, we can provide you with high-quality and secure hosting.

FAQs Percent

Website FAQS

At Trusted Media, we build eCommerce websites for those who are new to the online world or need a new look for their current eCommerce website.

What is an
eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is an online marketplace for the trading of goods and services using the internet. Today, eCommerce is a multi-billion pound industry with millions of eCommerce websites on the internet.

An eCommerce website enables the users to find a specific product, add them to their virtual cart, pay via a digital payment method, and receive the product at their doorstep.

What is conversion
in eCommerce?

In eCommerce, conversion is a term used to describe an individual when he takes the desired action on an eCommerce store. Conversion rate is determined by dividing the total number of visitors on your eCommerce website within a specified time duration by the number of users who performed the desired action like purchasing a product.

How to increase
traffic to your
eCommerce website?

Several ways can be utilised to increase traffic to your eCommerce website. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Invest in Pay Per Click advertising
  • Perform all kinds of SEO on your eCommerce website
  • Publish high-quality & valuable content on your blog section
  • Introduce a referral program and reward your loyal customers
  • Use email marketing and influencer marketing
  • Improve your social media presence

What payment providers
work with eCommerce?

When it comes to eCommerce payment providers, the options are not limited at all. There are tons of payment gateways or payment providers with PayPal leading the chart. Other payment providers that work with eCommerce include Square, Stripe, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and many others.

Other payment options like Credit card, Debit card, Visa, Mastercard, and cash-on-delivery are also widely used in eCommerce.

What is a
secure checkout?

A secure checkout refers to a safe digital transaction method. When your consumer enters his/her credit card credentials, they are meant to stay secured and must not go in the hands of any intruder.

Secure checkout is a process or system that ensures the security & protection of users’ sensitive information and improves their checkout experience at your eCommerce site.

See how we
did this for …




EyebrowQueen has taken the industry by storm. Created by Nilam Holmes, who started the eyebrow revolution in 2008, EyebrowQueen is a brand on the lips of professional beauticians and makeup artists as well as the public.

We soon established a great synergy with the innovative and passionate team at EyebrowQueen, as we too consider ourselves passionate and innovative. The results speak for themselves, in just eight months

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Celebrity-endorsed aesthetic treatment, Collagenwave, has a growing base of A-list fans but wanted to improve its brand awareness and search visibility among a broader online audience. With non-surgical beauty treatments becoming more and more popular, it was vital that Collagenwave improved its visibility and positioned itself as a true industry leader.

When the team at Collagenwave came to us, they had a basic website with limited functionality that didn’t represent a true reflection of the high-end brand

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Nilam Holmes


Beauty industry icon Nilam Holmes has a number of luxury, high-end beauty brands under her belt, but was looking for a professional website to further establish her personal brand away from these businesses.

This website would be a platform for Nilam to showcase her knowledge and experience in the beauty and skincare industry, alongside her products, services and businesses.

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The 80’s and 90’s cricket show


Popular sporting podcast, the ’80s and 90’s cricket show was looking to create a compelling brand that encompassed the retro age their podcast focusses on, as well as develop a website to act as a central hub for fans and followers.

This website was a brand new venture for the podcast, who previously just relied on their show to be their only platform

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Kerry Ellis


Award-winning leading lady Kerry Ellis has taken the stages of West End and Broadway by storm, starring in productions such as We Will Rock You, Wicked, Oliver and Les Miserables.

While Kerry had been busy releasing a solo album and touring with Brian May across the world, her website was not providing the same success. Basic and lacking in design that genuinely reflected Kerry’s brand, it was also difficult to manage, making it challenging to update information about events and releases.

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Prestigious beauty destination, Dermaspa had a well-established website that multiple providers were managing – always a challenge for busy business owners. The website was functional but was lacking when it came to providing an enhanced user experience that Dermaspa’s audience expected, and that truly reflected the luxury brand.

Our unrivalled skill and experience, and proven track record for designing and developing high-performing e-commerce website led to incredible results for this client.

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Open Wilding Project


Playing a crucial role in the preservation of wildlife and the future of conservation, the Open Wilding Project approached Trusted Media because the basic website they were using was limiting the visibility of the Open Wilding Project, and ultimately – their funding.

The project and its important cause soon grabbed our attention, and we knew that we could put our e-commerce design, development and marketing skills experience to use, improving the representation of the brand and improve the performance of the website.

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